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Stress can be more harmful for the heart than smoking

01-02-2014, by
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I think no one will be surprised that stress is unhealthy. A recent study at the University of Columbia in the U.S. tells us that people who are regularly exposed to stress have nearly 30 percent more chance to get heart failure. Also was shown that stress is equally bad to the heart than smoking 5 regular cigarettes per day.

The study lasted 14 years. All subjects were divided into two groups: people with a lot of stress and more relaxed persons. Furthermore, the scientists took also the results of six other studies.

It turned out that the effect of stress on the heart was the same for both women and men. The older people that had stress, it was even more unhealthy. This confirms the suspicion that the effects of stress accumulate over time. Especially, for risk groups, stress can easily trigger a heart attack.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

A higher cholesterol level is bad for our arteries that get faster narrow. Higher blood pressure puts pressure on the heart and also does stiffen the veins making them more likely to get a blockage. These two factors determine whether you will get a heart attack or stroke in more then 50% of the cases.

Stress increases as the blood pressure, but also increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. In average, the blood pressure is increased by 2.7 (systolic pressure) / 1.4 (under pressure). A healthy blood pressure is way below 140/90mmHg. The average cholesterol is increased by 2.8 mmol/l. A healthy cholesterol level should be below 2.0 mmol/l. In other words, the increase in the cholesterol as a result of the stress is even more than the recommended level.

Electronic smoking is good for our heart?

All First, we should note that the above results of the survey averages. Individuals with a large dose of stress are very vulnerable. To them, it's highly advised to relax regularly. This can be best done by doing sports, but not everyone has the time of passion for this. For these people, the electronic cigarette can certainly help.

If we e-smoke, we both relax our mind and body as smoking is a moment of pause time. To take a pause often is really needed. This is not only soothing, we often get the best inspirations while smoking a cigarette. Every smoker can confirm this.

People who have low stress (do these people nowadays still exist?) can experience an increased blood pressure as a result of the heavily smoking of e-cigs with very high doses of nicotine. Therefore, it's recommend to smoke not the highest dose (24mg), but an average or lower dose. With the e-cigarette, its very easy to slowly build it down. Good luck.

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