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V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is one of the most populare brands today. Their turnover is far above average and this is in itself a good indication. All their cigarettes have the two-component system: battery + cartomizer.

V2 certainly offer one the best 'small' cigarettes. The brand also offers a wide range of accessories, which is not unimportant for the seasoned e-smoker.

Shipping and costs

V2 Cigs sends its products worldwide. We must of course take into account that they come from America and their delivery therefore takes on average between 7 and 21 days for orders to Europe.

The shipping is very high to Europe. This is unfortunate since this is a top brand and top quality product.


V2 Cigs produce despite their lower nicotine content enormous good results. The vapor production is great.

With V2 Cigs, you can choose from the following kits:

  • the V2 Express kit € 20.
  • the V2 Economy at € 40.
  • the V2 Standard to € 50.
  • the V2 Standard Plus € 80.
  • The V2 Couples kit € 100.
  • the V2 Ultimate kit € 125.

The cartridges V2 are easy to refill if you wish to do so.


Again, there are three standard tobacco flavors: V2 Red (American Tobacco), V2 Congress (Refined Tobacco), V2 Sahara (Turkish Tobacco). This is similar to all other major premium brands today.

In the range of more special flavors: Menthol (Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Mint Tea (mint tea), V2 Coffee (coffee with cream and sugar), V2 Vanilla (vanilla), V2 Chocolate (milk chocolate) , V2 Cherry (cherry) and V2 Cola.

You have the choice of different nicotine levels (18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg). So, there is no 24mg present.


Their website is easy to navigate. Yet, it would all be a little easier to navigate. There are sometimes really many products and information on a screen.

About the customer service, we can't complain. This is an example for other brands. There is also the life chat support service which is convenient to get answers to your questions.


V2 Cigs has also the classic "30 days money back" guarantee. There is also a lifetime warranty on the product.



Price/Quality5star V2 Cigs are for sure recommandable. For more information, click on the following link:

Visit V2 Cigs
Service and Website4star
(4 stars)

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