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How much nicotine do you smoke as e-smoker?

11-19-2013, by

Many people definitely want to know how much nicotine they are e-smoking. They try to calculate it on the basis of the amount of nicotine in the different types of e-liquid.

The need to compare seems logical, but is in fact very difficult to do. Yes, we can try to compare on the basis of the amount of nicotine that contains the e-cigarette and the traditional cigarette, but this is comparing apples to oranges. If you smoke from morning to evening, an electric smoker will inhale 0% of harmful toxins.

Nicotine is not healthy because it affects our blood pressure. Also nicotine is highly addictive and therefore say something about the degree of addiction that we face.

On a traditional packet cigarettes (medium) is usually printed that they contain 0.8mg nicotine. This means that each cigarette will contain approximately 0.70mg nicotine (taking into account the weight of the cigarette). In real life, however, this is more. Various sampling and testing during the recent years have been shown that on average there is between 0.75mg and 0.85mg nicotine in a regular cigarette (depending on the brand). There are about 20 cigarettes per pack. We can say that a pack of tobacco cigarettes contains 16mg nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes come in different sizes, which makes it difficult to compare. However, nowadays most normal cartomizers contain a liquid of 1.6% or 16mg nicotine. That's why manufacturers usually advertise with the slogan "similar to an ordinary pack of cigarettes."

With e-smoking, our body takes less nicotine.

However, we can not claim that a cartridge is equivalent to a pack of regular cigarettes. Yes, they maybe contain both the same quantity of nicotine but our bodies will not take the same from both products.

The nicotine from the e-cigarette will come in our blood significantly lower compared to traditional cigarettes. This is because the vapor of an e-cigarette never comes so deep in the lungs as the traditional cigarette smoke. The particles of water vapor are greater and therefore the lungs absorb less nicotine. Furthermore, the Propylene glycol (Vegetable Glycerine) will partly bind chemically to the nicotine which makes it for our body also more difficult to absorb.

But there is more. If the e-liquid is heated by the atomizer, then not all the nicotine inside will get released.

By the way, all these factors explain also why it takes longer for the e-smoker before he reaches the same satiety as an analog smoker. The e-smoker must pull slightly longer and deeper. And he must smoke a little longer.

We can now conclude that an average electronic smoker ingest 50% to 75% less nicotine than the normal traditional smoker. There are studies that claim that this number is even 25%, but we are cautious because more scientific evidence is needed.

In practice, we can say that the 36mg cartridge (highest dose) is comparable with a pack of normal cigarettes 0.8mg. All lighter cartridges are better.

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